Zhao Feng held the artifact in his hand and directly faced the attack of the third level God. A blac At the same time, I want to instill some ideas into them. Luan Baifeng put her hand over her chest and said, "I'm so angry that I'm afraid of her!" Wang Dao handed a memorial to Liu Che and said, "this is the letter of Tingwei. Please have a look a Every time, Zhao Feng would say this sentence, but every time those monsters who found Zhao Feng wou "Has it started? I didn't expect it would be so spectacular. In the end, it is on the ground and The two controllers arched their hands slightly towards the landing black and white, and then the sw Mei Yuanzhi and Hualian fairy didn't understand what this meant. The serious sister should say such words to fight back at herself. "How can this animal husbandry dust have two divine veins? And there is also a nine divine veins? Is Zerg fortress is as destructive as Tianzhao Fenshen, but Tianzhao Fenshen is only one person in size At this time, the voice of the ghost King rang out. When the staff officer heard about it, he immediately stood at attention and asked MacArthur to sign Han Jin nodded, "producer Li, can you record this song first? I want to broadcast it on the radio be Liu Huan was not able to get rid of the waterway by herself. Xu Feng seems to be talking to himself, and seems to be asking Yu Jin behind him. No wonder the people of the jade family dare not touch the force of heaven and earth. Otherwise, so In the summer patriotic side still sits a person, can not be summer cool!

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